If you’ve been referred to me, it would only make sense that you do a quick Google search to learn more. Google would either take you to Michael Palmer, the author (not me), or Michael Palmer the former NFL player. I’m guilty of the latter and grateful for the financial lessons I learned through my tenure in the league at an early age. Below are a few points on why I think it makes sense for us to work together:

why MGP

Transparency is vital to the success of our relationship. I’ll take you through a deep dive of my own family’s balance sheet and be happy to answer any questions or concerns you might have. In my opinion, this should be standard in the industry.


You can check my industry disclosures by clicking this link.

The link above will provide you with a quick synopsis about the firm I work for, my personal licenses, and anything else compliance requires to be disclosed publicly.


I work directly with my clients (no hand offs!) and you can consider me your coach. Together, we will brainstorm the perfect game plan for you and your family. I am honored you have considered me to help you with your financial planning, and it is my hope we build a lifelong working relationship. 


Of course, there are many more details to hash out, but I think this is a good start if you're stopping by my site for the first time. I'm honored that you would consider me to help you with your planning, and it is truly my hope that we will build a lifelong relationship.

So, back to the coaching thing… a lot of people begin their health journey and expect immediate results as if they’re ordering off Amazon Prime. We all know that timeline is unrealistic, but with a lot of hard work, (and coaching!) you can reap applaudable rewards over long periods of time. 

Personal finance really isn’t all that different. I have seen my clients experience the pendulum of seasons from eating rice and beans to feasting on filet mignon. The goal for all of my clients is to guide them through a sustainable plan that ultimately yields to a content and fulfilled life… In other words, I want you to live a good life for the rest of your life.

We accomplish this together by implementing systems to help guard against natural human behavior when it comes to spending and saving money.

behavioral coaching

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